Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life of St. Mary of Egypt Printable

I'm up late finishing a last minute project for the kids. I wanted to make a coloring page to help the kids get through the long compline service tomorrow. We don't do a lot of coloring pages in services anymore, so we'll see how it goes - but hopefully this will be a good resource for other times, too. It tells her life in comic form. Grab the image to the left, and print on regular letter paper, scale to fit. [It is late, and I've already had to edit a typo once, so let me know if you see any other problems!]

Last year we loved the suggestions from Creative Hands Creative Minds, and made paintings of St. Mary of Egypt. My photos are a little blurry, but these are still some of my favorite saint paintings the girls have made. You can see ours below.

Also, I love this version of her life written for children available here from Frederica Matthewes-Greene.

And we're big fans of Gigi Baba Shadid. Her song about St. Mary of Egypt is great, too!

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